Meet the horses

Val De Mar
Known as Vallu
2002 FWB gelding
Willburt x Rex 673
178cm (17.3hh)

Owner: Anu Rantanen
Breeder: Ismo Saarinen
Vallu is the most amazing horse that I've ever had the pleasure to ride, he's super talented and has been trained up to PSG/Inter I level by Henri. He knows all the fancy moves: tempi flying changes, all the lateral work in trot and canter, canter pirouettes as well as piaffe. Although he is a big mover and talented, he is also a spooky horse who is very sensitive (sometimes a bit of a twat 🙄) and this can make it pretty difficult to ride him for an amateur like me. However, I do think that he is the perfect schoolmaster for me and I'm very privileged to have a horse like him ❤️ I've gained so much knowledge and skills in the last 6+ years from riding this horse that I will be eternally grateful to him.

He was originally bought as a new horse for my mother, but he was too big and scary for her and luckily my parents were willing to give the ride over to me. A rather quirky horse with a huge personality and a great sense of humour, there isn't a day where he doesn't make me laugh! We've been through two different major front leg injuries and various other ailments, we never managed to make it to a proper competition but this is not be the end of the world as just getting to spend time with him and having the pleasure to ride this horse every day is a luxury for me.

Dybdalsgaard's Ferrai
Known as Erik
2004 Danish gelding
Blue Hors Don Schufro x Racot 
168cm (16.3hh)

Owner: Anu Rantanen
Breeder: Gregersen Henrik, Dybdalsgaard Stable
Erik, my latest acquisition! He was originally bought as a new horse for my mother in October 2017, but after a couple of falls my parents were willing to give the ride over to me. A rather quirky horse (thank you for training me to deal with horses like this Vallu!) but with a beautiful soul and a wonderfully kind personality that makes his little eccentricities worth it. He's a bit of a worrier but now nearly after I took over the ride in February 2018 he's starting to feel like he's coming out of his shell and becoming "my horse". My aim is to get out competing at advanced medium in 2019 and finally get dancing inside those white boards again!

Riverfield Bastitini (RIP)
Known as Basse and Fat Unicorn 🦄
2002 FWB gelding
Fair Play BRD 97 x Napoleon

Owner: Roosa Rantanen
Breeder: Nadja Hitonen & Ville Arkkila
Basse came to us when he was 2 years old and has never left. At the age of 5, I started riding him (I was 14 then!) and this was when he did his first dressage competitions. This started his competition career that consisted of about fifty unaffiliated and affiliated dressage competitions ranging from preliminary to elementary levels where he was nearly always placed. From 2008-2010 Basse and I competed in many shows in and around West Sussex, mainly at Hickstead, Oldencraig Equestrian Center and Merrist Wood. During this time our worst placing ever in at a competition was 10th place in big classes, but normally we were placed in the top three. Our best result was at Hickstead in a novice class with a score of 70%! 🦄
 In February 2016 Basse had a freak accident in his paddock where he fell over and damaged his straight distal sesamoidean ligament (SDSL) but after more than 11 months of rehab, a huge vet bill and some major stress, he finally started to improve slightly and when I moved back to Finland in the autumn of 2016 I started properly riding him again! 

After moving back to the UK in July 2018 he was retired due to arthritic changes in his front legs, and in August 2019 he sadly passed away. I can only hope that he knew how much I adored and loved him. In my dreams I get to see you and I can't wait to be reunited with you at some point. 💞
Flying on baby B!

Known as Rama or Grandpa
1998 KWPN gelding
Flemmingh x Kommandeur

Owner: Anu Rantanen

Our oldest horse Ramazzotti is an ex-showjumper turned dressage horse who came to us through my brother from France. In France he was a show jumper until 2007 when he became a dressage horse after a major ligament injury that ended his jumping career. He has competed up to 125 classes in SJ and in dressage he's done affiliated advanced medium levels, where he's gotten +70%! 
Rama is one of the kindest and funniest horses that I have ever met, because he is also such a clown! Rama is incredibly vocal when I go to feed the horses at 6am, he is always whinnying and demanding his food, and before turn out he can be incredibly hyper BUT when he is ridden he will never put a hoof out of place.  He's also super soft in the mouth and you only have to take the reins in your hands he will be on the bit, and thanks to his SJ background he's got a very expressive canter. He's an absolute dream of a horse to own, my mother is so lucky and what a great addition to our little gang. Although he's 21 this year, he's not really showing any signs of slowing down or wanting to be retired so mum has got her hands full with him!

Spirella (RIP)
Known as Nelli and the Queen
1994 Danish WB mare

Owner: Anu Rantanen
5.6.1994 - 23.6.2016 RIP
Nelli had been with us for over 10 years and has taught everyone so much about everything! Nelli was the most amazing horse that I had ever come across and she managed to get me off her more times than any other horse! When I fell off my pony in a bad way and was so scared that I seriously considering quitting riding, Nelli was the reason why I still to ride to this day. She was such a kind horse and made me feel so safe that I was able to feel comfortable riding again. Everyone needs a horse like this in their life at some point. Vallu and I had only been back in Finland for 3 weeks in the spring of 2016 before her teeth were beyond repair from diastema and she has to be PTS as her quality of life had decreased too much. It's been over 3 years now and I still have days where I cry for her because she was the biggest character on the yard and such a massive part of our lives, especially my childhood. I will never forget the moment when her heart stopped and mine kept beating.

Nelli taught me flying changes when I first moved from ponies to horses