Trends to watch out for: Anky SS20 collection

Another new week, another new spring summer collection release! 💐 Although it really doesn't feel like it with Storm Ciara currently making her presence known, spring is definitely starting to get closer and closer as we've had another release of a new spring summer 2020 collection. This time we're lucky to be getting NINE new colours from Anky: silver, sand, rose, azalea, teal green, island blue, lagoon, dark navy and black. Anky have decided to make half of these with their normal suede material and the other with a silver coloured glittering glow! The ones that are sparkly are: silver, sand, island blue, dark navy and black - and they look ridiculously lovely in the real life photos that I've seen floating about on social media ✨
In the photo above from right to left the colours are: rose, azalea, teal green, island blue, lagoon, dark navy, silver, sand and black. Nice and simple names which we like, so that I don't have to start making up names for them 😂 I know some people will be a bit grumpy with these colours as they're not anything new. Silver, sand, navy, black, pale pink and the light blue are ALL colours that have been done before and pretty recently too (tut tut Anky, but they're not the only brand to do this!) but lagoon, teal green and azalea are different and the fact that half the colours are sparkly does mean that there is a significant enough of a difference to warrant you getting them 💫