Christmas wish list 2018

Is it a sign of getting older that your Christmas wish list includes more non-horsey stuff that horsey stuff? Things like some very snazzy pyjamas and bed sheets... I've been feeling very Christmassy since mid-November when my room has become the official Christmas wrapping station - I have a corner of the room that is full of wrapping paper, Christmas cards, glitter and more but for some reason this blog post has taken forever to be finished! Anyway, here is my Christmas wish list 2018 (just in case a certain brother of mine still would like some gift ideas...) 🎁🎄🎅🏼
A padded waterproof rain coat because my god does this country do rain properly! ☔️ None of my coats are coping with the three consecutive days of torrential rain... The Harcour Lupi coat is a long padded jacket 100% waterproof but it's also breathable, with polar fleece on the inside, keeping the warm in! With a very handy opening on the back side and with two pockets on the front and faux fur on the hood, it's perfect!! The Catago grey exercise quarter sheet is another one of my top wishes! I own a woollen HV Polo exercise sheet in the same style which is perfect for cold AND dry winter days, but in the last few weeks I've learnt that those days seem to be quite rare over here in Wiltshire 🌧 The quilted fleece material quickly wicks away moisture (yes pleaaaaseeee 👏🏻) and any excess heat, and a grey one with black lining means that it would go with literally all the matchy sets that I own.


Walker & Hawkes ladies pink stripe tweed coat - Equestrian Co.

I was contacted by a company called Equestrian Co. back in the spring and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a product from their site, and after having a look at their website we agreed to do a collaboration once I'd moved back to the UK 🇬🇧 Since having moved to the countryside in the most beautiful part of Wiltshire, I have totally fallen in love with country clothing, but with being busy with the horses and trying to get the house and stables sorted out, to find an online store that sells everything I could want in this style is such a bonus!
I ended up choosing the Walker & Hawkes ladies pink stripe tweed shooting coat simply because from the moment I saw it it on the website, it looked like it was "mine". 💞 The Walker and Hawkes coat is £69.95 from Equestrian Co. and no surprise, it is one of their best sellers. I can’t believe I had never thought about investing in a thick winter coat that you can wear both at the yard and going out, because this coat is very practical but also stylish at the same time. I know I will be very warm now in winter when that bitterly cold wind, rain and maybe even snow returns!! Being made from from a combination of the best quality wool (60%) polyester (25%) and acrylic (11%), there's a reason why this coat is SO WARM. When I tried the coat when it arrived during the middle of the day when it was +25C and thought I was going to melt - which guarantees that when we are facing winter temperatures again, I will be nice and toasty! I've been wearing it this autumn, and can highly recommend that if you often cold, then this is the coat for you!
With it's heavy-duty brass zipper together with the woollen cuffs inside the jacket this coat will keep you warm even in the worst possible weather, like today when the wind is bitterly cold, I was incredibly warm. So, if you're looking for a thin transition coat from summer to autumn then this coat will simply be too warm for you. But, if you're looking for the perfect autumn and winter coat then this is it! 🙌🏻 I am genuinely looking forward to going on long walks and spending time outside in winter for the first time in many many years thanks to this coat. One the best features of this coat is the fact that there are FIVE pockets - two hand warmer pockets (best thing ever!!) , two front pockets (treats for the dogs 🐶) and an extra inside pocket where you can keep your phone dry and your keys safe!


Trends to watch out for: Eskadron Young Star

Well hello there brand new collection from Eskadron! ⭐️ What a brilliantly fun collection to replace the Nici range - which personally for me is a good thing as I was never a big fan of the Nici collections, mainly because of the big logo that just ruined the look of the saddle pads and bandages. Although the Young Star collection is clearly aimed at kids, I have never seen a certain saddle pad become out of stock so quickly just on pre-orders!!! Not only has it been sold out all over the world, it's also not just sold out in DL which always the first to go, but also in VS (jump cut) and PD (pony size) too! Nothing but respect for Eskadron for managing such a feat 👏🏻
I mean just HOW CUTE is the starry design?! It reminds me of the unicorn poop rare Eskadron graffiti design and personally, I love it! 🌌 I know it's only the first collection so Eskadron are being cautious but imagine another colour in this collection, that would be so fun! If only it wasn't this time of the year (CHRISTMAS YAY!) and if only I wasn't on a ban, I would be getting the navy cotton pad and navy over reach boots *goes into storage room to figure out which old sets to sell*

Here's the promo video for the new collection  ⤵️

And such cute accessories! I really want to buy the dog coat for our new dog 🌟