Christmas wish list 2018

Is it a sign of getting older that your Christmas wish list includes more non-horsey stuff that horsey stuff? Things like some very snazzy pyjamas and bed sheets... I've been feeling very Christmassy since mid-November when my room has become the official Christmas wrapping station - I have a corner of the room that is full of wrapping paper, Christmas cards, glitter and more but for some reason this blog post has taken forever to be finished! Anyway, here is my Christmas wish list 2018 (just in case a certain brother of mine still would like some gift ideas...) 🎁🎄🎅🏼
A padded waterproof rain coat because my god does this country do rain properly! ☔️ None of my coats are coping with the three consecutive days of torrential rain... The Harcour Lupi coat is a long padded jacket 100% waterproof but it's also breathable, with polar fleece on the inside, keeping the warm in! With a very handy opening on the back side and with two pockets on the front and faux fur on the hood, it's perfect!! The Catago grey exercise quarter sheet is another one of my top wishes! I own a woollen HV Polo exercise sheet in the same style which is perfect for cold AND dry winter days, but in the last few weeks I've learnt that those days seem to be quite rare over here in Wiltshire 🌧 The quilted fleece material quickly wicks away moisture (yes pleaaaaseeee 👏🏻) and any excess heat, and a grey one with black lining means that it would go with literally all the matchy sets that I own.

I think it's pretty safe to say that I cannot survive winters without my multitude of sweatshirts and jumpers. I'm all for layering up in autumn and winter, but since I'm not such a big fan of hoodies, sweatshirts have become a firm favourite of my riding wardrobe. The hood bouncing up and down whilst I ride is super distracting IMO... The sparkly Kingsland Olavarria sweatshirt has been one that I've been drooling at since Kingsland released their autumn/winter look book months ago, and the Montar Stella sweatshirt is a gorgeous casual jumper for the cooler days which I think will looks fantastic with any of my matchy sets! (Grey theme from Christmas 2017 carrying on for sure here...)

A horsey lifestyle Christmas wish list wouldn't be a proper wish list without stuff for the ponies!! This blue water drop Anky saddle pad ⤵️ features a waterdrop print and it's truly an eye catcher 👀 I love Anky because they're anatomically shaped and have a lovely velvety soft texture and a moisture wicking, breathable lining inside. The non-slip letters on both sides of the pad which gives a more stable saddle position which helps the saddle pad to remain perfectly in place, even with a mono flap WOW saddle! As well as this pad, have a look at these over reach boots... I mean HELLO there beautiful overreach boots by Kingsland! I think this amazing metallic bronze silver colour is insanely gorgeous and would go well with the rose gold or copper binding on any of the Eskadron Heritage pads (I have three... 😏)

What are you wishing for this Christmas?

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