Christmas wish list 2017

Alrighty guys, get readyyyyy as it's time for my annual Christmas wish list! I have done a Christmas wish list every year since I started this blog and since there's only a month and a bit left until Christmas, it's about time I create the "dear Santa" post that I can share with my family so that they know what they can get me for Christmas - I know they read this! Although I do feel like I'm very early this year because it's only mid November, but oh well here goes!!🎄🎁

1. Montar Amber sweatshirt
Ever since following Equissimo on twitter and Instagram, I have fallen a little bit in love with one of their stocked brands, Montar. Hailing from Denmark, Montar is known as one of the most innovative European equestrian brands. And this sweatshirt... Glittery and grey, what more could you want! ⭐️

So obviously there is a bit of a grey theme going on... But this jacket has a really elegant design in my opinion and I adore the fact that as in all Equestrian Stockholm products, there is no fur or down used as instead they are made from a top quality eco-friendly filling. And this would also match my ES steel grey set, which would just be the ultimate level of matchy matchy - even for me!

3. Eskadron Classic AW17 faux fur boots
I need more fluffy boots! I have my black Le Mieux fluffy croco ones, but when it's wet and miserable I feel terrible putting on the same boots on for the second horse. I've heard nothing but good things about these Eskadron boots, they are soft and cosy but also easy to care for as they can be washed easily - big win for me!

4. Eskadron Classic AW17 overreach boots
I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about this style of over reach boots because of the outer material. Instead of being the hard-wearing artificial leather that has been pretty much tear-proof in my opinion, this type of denier woven fabric looked to be less tear-proof but my Platinum over reach boots have lasted really so far. So now I'm pretty much sold on this particular type of over reach boot and I'd love some new ones in grey!

5. Spooks Josie sequin headband
I'm a very cold person so I live in headbands and hats throughout the winter months and I don't believe that you can ever have too many of headbands! Spooks have come out with these headbands which have a comfortable and really warm fleece lining. I do also adore the line of sequins going all the way around #sparklesparkle ✨💫

6. Titanium Jin Stirrups
I LOVE the Jin Stirrups that I have for Vallu and nowadays I actually struggle to ride with 'normal' stirrups. Although I'm currently using Vallu's saddle for Basse, as soon as his own saddle is sorted I'd love to have Jins for his saddle too.

7. Unicorn portable charger
Although I feel like this unicorn craze has made the entire world go slightly insane, I am lovinggggg this unicorn portable charger. My iPhone is starting to get that to stage where the battery is at 78% one second and then a minute later it is down to 23% so I would love to have a portable charger around for these types of situations.

Anyone else created their Christmas wish list yet? (Please say yes so I feel better!)


  1. I have kinda started a list... It's fun to make one, though! I might have to follow your lead and do a post. That headband is super cute!

    1. I'm so nosy that I love reading other people's wish lists! 😍

  2. Replies
    1. I loveeeeeeeee it. Fingers crossed someone decides to buy it!!