Trends to watch out for: Eskadron Heritage A/W 2017

πŸŽ‰πŸ“’ Oh my goodness me, I'm so excited that after such a long time we have ROSE GOLD!!! πŸ“’ πŸŽ‰ Finally, the equestrian fashion world is branching out into using gold rose instead of the typical silver or gold accents! When I saw the first leaked photos I did have my mouth hanging open for a bit in shock because I had genuinely thought that this would never happen... I mean how long has rose gold been a thing? At least several years!
But here we go, this is the new Eskadron Heritage collection AW 2017 featuring cream, brick red, military green, black, basalt grey and rosΓ© as the main colours, with rose gold accents. I was pleased to see Eskadron leave out brown for this collection, I can't actually remember when they last did a collection without some shade brown πŸ€— And they've also not done a black for a couple of seasons too, so it was nice to see that coming back - the black glossy wave pad in particular is very eye catching! I'm also really impressed with the military/army green. It's quite an unusual shade of green which I think will look good on so many horses and would predict it could actually turn out to be quite popular. The grey is lovely as always and although I am not the biggest fan of red, this shade of brick red looks good. The rosΓ© (pink) looks to be a bit more of a peachy rose compared to the last two seasons which have been a bit too barbie pink for me, but the hint of peach in this has made me fall in love with this colour! I think it is a totally perfect match with the rose gold. πŸ’• I'm just SO much more impressed with this collection compared to last year's collection.
 Although the photos have been released on the 10th, I don't think this collection will hit the shops (apart from the German tack shops) for at least a couple of weeks - although we never know with Eskadron! In this collection we have the normal style of saddle pads with the classic big square in cotton, the cotton, the bicross pad, brilliant dura and the cotton performance pad, but now Eskadron has also included the glossy wave pad and the glossy big square. Clearly saddle pads with a glossy finish are selling well! But at least there is SO much choice for everyone.

Here are some more photos:

What do you think of this collection? Do you like it?

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