November Equestrian Blog Hop - What is your riding ambition? Do you have one?

Although I missed the October Halloween themed one, I'm so pleased to be joining in again for Heather from Bridle & Bone's third Equestrian Bloggers blog hop 🎉🎊 I loved taking part and reading everyone's answers for the first one, so I'm really looking forward to this month's theme which is: what is your riding ambition? Do you have one?
Despite the fact that my brother is a professional dressage rider who is aiming for the Olympics, many people always seem to be so surprised that for me, my riding ambition is not to get to the Olympics but to learn as much as possible and to continuously improve myself as a rider. This can be summed up in what Austen from Guinness on Tap wrote as a comment on another blog post of mine where she said that: "for most dressage riders, there is more joy in a supremely balanced, controlled, and forward medium walk then there is in riding a passage you can barely start or stop. The joy comes in doing it right, and in the confidence of your own partnership and skills". This is exactly what I want to be able to do! My riding aim is to be able to do 'it' right and to be 100% confident in my partnership with my horses as well as my riding skills.

And yes whilst I want to have lots of lessons, go to clinics and gain the insight of lots of different trainers I do also want to compete as much as possible. Although I have not competed a lot during the time that I've had this blog, I did compete lots with Basse before in the UK and now that I'm starting to see the end of my Master's degree I can finally think about putting the horses first on the weekends too, rather than being stuck inside writing my thesis and tons of essays! If we still haven't been able to move back to the UK by spring, I'll register both boys to compete over here. Competitions start around early/mid March which I am really looking forward to! I want to be able to ride my horses as well at competitions as I can at home, so competing as much as possible is definitely another riding ambition of mine, and one I hope to start working on next spring.

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  1. I think that's a fantastic ambition. The fun in riding and horsing is the actual journey.

  2. I love that you signify learning an ambition because I feel exactly the same way. Ambition comes in many forms and may be small or large. All equally important. Good luck with your Masters and hope you are able to compete soon!

  3. Loved reading this! Can totally relate always trying to improve myself as a rider.
    Good luck with your Masters! :-)

  4. I too find a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from learning everything I can about horses and riding -- for me, it's not about being the best rider, but about being as knowledgeable as I can!

  5. Learning is so important - and often underappreciated. I loved this!