Trends to watch out for: PS of Sweden AW18

Well PS of Sweden certainly got the better of every other equestrian fashion brand by being the first to release their autumn winter 2018 collection already in the end of July! Interesting that the company feels the need to release their collection so early, but heyho at least we get to see this amazing collection sooner rather than later!🍁🍂
If classical elegance is what you've set your heart on, then look no further than the PS of Sweden's new autumn winter collection. With colours clearly inspired by gem stones (emerald, merlot, deep sapphire and onyx) and with lovely brown autumnal tones (ice coffee, prosecco, chocolate) I'm pretty sure there is something for everyone in this collection. 🍄🌰 The more I look at ice coffee, the more I feel the need to have it... Luckily my collection can't grow any more until our barn is re-built and I have proper storage again.

PSOS haven't changed the winning formula of their saddle pads - made from shiny and dirt repellent (seriously dirt and grey hair repellent!) breathable material with the beautiful crown patterned quilt. These pads dry impressively quickly as the material on the inside efficiently wicks away moisture.  And as it always comes down to the details, PSOS saddle pads have got their classic double piping, one in silver and the other that is twisted with silver, white and the colour of the saddle pad. It's also  intriguing to note that in this collection the binding for all the pads is in brown as they haven't done this before!
And we'll probably see a new rider clothing collection soon too! 
As well as seeing the return of the monogram and stripe style of saddle pads, this collection also brings us the new guy: the performance saddle pad. I think PSOS are trying to create a "more simple" saddle pad to sell to those who don't like the monogram or the stripe style of pads, but for me it just looks like a weird cross between Eskadron and PSOS... Maybe they should stick to just the monogram and the stripe, which seem to be popular and selling well!

Here are some more photos:
What do you think of this collection? Do you like it?

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