The many faces of Val De Mar

Vallu had a day off yesterday, and this was the result. He doesn't like the fact that I work with the other horses first, and then come to him last for his evening walk!
The sideways face begging for treats
The "I'm a clown face
The "what ya lookin" at face
The "STOP TAKING PHOTOS OF ME... grrrr" face
The  sideways face begging for treats part 2
At least one normal looking photo ;)

 Vallu has been really good this week, we've been taking it a bit easier, he has been out in the woods twice and both times we have been able to trot and canter like normal people!! I'm so proud that we have progressed this far, and I really think that hacking out is so good for all horses, but especially for a horse like Vallu who finds it difficult to relax.

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