30 Day Equestrian Challenge, Day #15

30 Day Equestrian Challenge

Day 15 - All the tack and riding clothes you have (brand, colour, other details)


Oh jeeez, this is going to be a long one... I have quite a lot of tack and riding clothes, which meant that I had to carry this challenge over to day 16 since I didn't have the time to take photos yesterday (and I've already accidentally done day 16 earlier on, during day 5, which you can read here!)



My most precious Prestige saddle, I adore it. Amazing to sit in, super comfy and Vallu loves it too.


Saddle pads:

(L to R) cream Classic Gold Medal pad, charcoal HV Polo Cornell pad and navy HV Polo pad

Bandages, bandage liners and boots:
3 bandage sets in the Eskadron bandage bag, 3 pairs of over-reaach boots (Eskadron, HKM and Horze) Eskadron climatex bandage liners (in black) and 2 pairs of Eskadron boots

Fly veils:
 (L to R) grey Horze fly veil, same in brown and navy Kingsland fly veil.
Riding clothes:

Königs riding boots:
My new riding boots - which haven't arrived yet - will look like these, Königs Elegance boots with a row of diamonds
My current Königs riding boots, just the basic Favourit style dressage boots.


Classic Riding Wear (CRW) Active helmet. I really like this helmet, it fits me well and makes my head look normal. My old Charles Owen made my head look pretty long,  but this one doesn't since it's a very round hat and not too tall.

My Ariat black gloves and my two-tone Roeckl gloves.

My two riding breeches, my summer grey Pikeur breeches on the left and my brown winter soft-shell Pikeur breeches on the right.

Coats + gillets:
(L to R) Black Wellensteyn coat, brown Kingsland gillet and black HV Polo gillet

I won't take pictures of my t-shirts and socks because that's just too boring! ;)

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