Happy Vallu

Vallu was such a happy boy today, and I was very much a proud rider! We managed our first canter in the woods when hacking out today! For the last month I have been taking him out into the woods twice a week to get him to relax, instead of prancing around, practising piaffe and pirouette canter downhill. He has gotten much better, and today I decided to push him into canter. 

I'm also incredibly happy because I had just our single bridle on so no draw reins and not even our double bridle! Those who know our story, this is a huge achievement! V then got turned out for 15 minutes in the evening to have some grass, and he was so content there, the picture of happiness! ♥

Yesterday he had a bit of an accident. Vallu has recently realised how much he loves sleeping outdoors in his sand paddock, and so yesterday like normal he was sleeping on the ground. Since it had been drizzling all morning, all horses had their lightweight waterproof turnout rugs on. When Vallu got up, he somehow managed to catch his leg on one of the cross surcingles, which then caused him to run about like a headless chicken, ripping a huge hole into his brand new rug as well as hurting himself... Yesterday evening when I rode him, he felt a bit off, and very very stiff. I cancelled our lesson with Ville, and will take this weekend very easy with him, and hopefully Vallu will be back to normal soon!

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