30 Day Equestrian Challenge, Day #14

30 Day Equestrian Challenge

Day 14 - Your dream barn/farm

Ohhh how I love this one! I've been lucky to visit so many amazing farms/yards that I have been dreaming about my ultimate yard for ages! Love love love day 14's challenge!

20x60m outdoor arena

A full length outdoor arena would be a necessity during spring and summer. I absolutely hate having to ride indoors when it's sunny and +25c outside, so a good outdoor arena would be perfect!
20x60m indoor arena

I'd also have a full length indoor arena simply because it makes your life so much easier in the winter and during cold and rainy days. Lots of mirrors of course, because you can learn so much when you watch yourself riding through the mirrors. 
An 'oval' shaped horse walker by Kraft

I think this oval design is such a great idea. A horse walker with straight lines is good, because going on a circle is so repetitive and boring for the horses, at least they'd have to focus a little bit on where they are going!! I haven't seen one in real life, but in the photos it looks really good.
Canter track 
I think canter tracks/gallops are essential to any farm or yard simply because its so important for the horses to get a variation of riding and exercises. I have personally practised tempi changes and piaffe, as well as transitions on canter tracks and think they are amazing. A well looked after canter track is nearly as important as the indoor and outdoor arenas!
Grass paddocks/fields
I would love to have acres and acres of fields! Horses are at their most content when they get to go out and eat lots of grass. A variation of paddocks and fields would be perfect so that each horse could get their own paddock or go out with their group in the fields.
Lunging pen 
A lunging pen is so important to have, it's essential in keeping the indoor and outdoor arenas in good condition so that no one lunges on the arenas. My ideal lunging pen would be 30 meters wide, so quite big considering the ones that I've seen are barely 20 meters wide.
Monarch stables
Ahh, these are so pretty! Monarch stables are so easy on the eye, are made of great materials which means they last for ages, and are very safe. If I ever get to build my own dream stable, I would definitely have these Monarch stables!

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