30 Day Equestrian Challenge, Day #4

30 Day Equestrian Challenge

Day 4 - Describe the most important horses you've had in your life

I've had this page open for the last fifteen minutes because (once again...) it has been pretty difficult to chose the most important horses, because I feel like every single horse that I have ever ridden has given something to me, and from every horse you learn something and that makes each horse important in my eyes!

1. Briggsen, my first pony
I cannot thank this pony enough. Thanks to his success at getting me off his back every single day (sometimes more than once a day!) for the first 6 months of being with us, I now have developed pretty good stickability. After my pony, no other horse than Nelli has been able to buck me off, and quite a few have tried their best!

Briggsen was the best choice for me as a first pony, he was young and wild and a bit crazy, but he had a heart of gold. He was so sweet that even my grandparents fell in love with him! A cheeky little bugger, but what else would you want as your first pony? I remember the first time that I rode him that I totally loved him from the first second onwards. A bit spooky, but deep down inside I knew that he would teach me a lot of things about horses.

2. Vallu
My 'little' superstar schoolmaster who has taught me all the fancy moves, as well as teaching me about teaching trust. A challenging horse that I will figure sometime soon, he is my super horse. Every single little victory, like being able to canter out on a hack seems like winning an Olympic gold medal. I know we can make it together, and show everyone how good we are one day!

Vallu is spooky, distrusting, lovable, very clever and a big giant teddybear in the stable. He has such a wide range of character, one day he can be a firecracker to ride when training and then the next day he'll act like a sloth when walking out on a hack. Riding him is always a challenge, because you have to be quick enough to stay five steps ahead of him. But I've never been one to back down from a challenge.

3. Basse
I can't not include baby B in this list, because he is and always will be the most important and special horse that I've had in my life. My first horse, my first young horse, my first competition horse etc, he is the horse of firsts. Like your first love, you can never forget it.

Basse is such a cool dude, he's always relaxed and easy going. He is the total opposite of me, and that's why I love him to bits. Although you do sometimes get the rare shot of energy/excitability when going out for a canter in the woods, Basse seldom puts more energy into his work than he has to, which is alright because that's just who he is. He makes me laugh everyday, whether it be the twinkle in his eye when someone else is riding him and he isn't giving them anything for free (like today) or whether he is sleeping in his paddock, or having a temper tantrum at 6 o'clock in the morning when I'm too slow at giving him his morning feed. He has lots of little things that make him incredibly special to me.

Special mentions:
I couldn't press publish until I mentioned a few very special horses. Nelli, Rama, Pinski, Balou, Bob, and Curro. Thank you all for teaching me so much ♥

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