Vallu 9.8.2013

Although yesterday Vallu wasn't as good as he can be, I still think he looks okay in these photos! 

Things learnt from yesterday:
1. I still struggle with riding a super tense Vallu, one who spooks at everything and anything, and doesn't listen to me at all
2. Vallu is very good at nearly getting me off.
3. I must react quicker to get him to calm down, not always reacting after the spook but beforehand in order to try to avoid the spook.
4. If one exercise fails, don't get stuck practising it for the next 30 minutes. Do something different, and try out every exercise you know to try to get Vallu's attention.
5. My lower leg is fine (you can check out the difference from here!) when I'm riding Vallu, so the problem is just when I'm riding Rama
Loving the ears!

Practicing our pirouette canter! Uphill, or what?
Loving the ears again! 

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