30 Day Equestrian Challenge, Day #9

I wrote this yesterday, but forgot to publish it!

30 Day Equestrian Challenge

Day 9 - Any injuries that have occurred from riding

I've been very fortunate to have never broken any bones, or been seriously injured in any way, especially when considering the fact that I have been surrounded by horses for over ten years!

But I do constantly have cuts, bruises and muscle cramp/tension/soreness all over me, especially my legs and arms! I've had the usual trodden on toes, bruised feet, cuts on hands and bite marks on arms from cheeky horses! There's also the usual back pain from too much riding + mucking out, shoulder ache etc but nothing too serious!

My most recent is this really annoying cut on my foot, which will not heal. I've had it for over a week, and it rubs open every time I put my riding boots on, even when it is covered with gauze swabs and vet wrap!

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