30 Day Equestrian Challenge, Day #3

30 Day Equestrian Challenge

Day 3 - Your best ride ever

Day 3's challenge has really been a difficult choice for me, because it took me a loooooong time to chose a single best ride ever. I've had three best rides all on different horses; Basse, Rama and Vallu, but for the sake of the challenge I have chosen my best ride ever with Basse, way back in 2008!!
Basse was just 6 years old, and it was our first year of competing together. We were at Hickstead, did a Novice 38 and got 72.90%!!! The feeling of euphoria when we finished the test was something that I can still remember five years later! It's so rare that everything just clicks together and falls perfectly into place at a competition, but this time it did.  
To get an 8 for my position and seat is simply amazing! The result of the test is my personal best score, and I will always treasure that ride and the feeling that Basse gave me. It is my best ride ever.

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