Rama 9.8.2013

I had another fantastic ride on Rama! It was one of those rides where you go WOW, this is amazing! Everything felt much easier than before, especially shoulder-in which I have been focusing on since last week's lesson with Sanna. I've decided to push myself and set a personal goal of being able to sit to both Rama and Vallu's extended trot by the end of the month - not difficult at all...- and so I've now begun with sitting to medium trot. Even though it feels better than it did before e.g. less wobbling about and I'm able to actually contain the energy so that I don't literally bounce out of the saddle, I have a looooonnnggggggg way to go! 

Things to work on (for the rest of my life):
1. Try to straighten myself during shoulder-in, shouldn't twist myself so much. You'd think it would be easier to sit straight rather than in the weird twisty thing that I have going on when I'm at my worst. At least it is happening less and less, so some kind of improvement is happening (hopefully...)
2. Lower leg must move backwards, I cannot let it creep forwards especially when things get though (e.g. working on medium trots!)

Mother took some pretty photos which I'm very grateful for! Please excuse the wonkiness and awful lower leg position in some of the photos...
Shoulder-in right
Why oh why does my lower leg creep forwards like this??
My wonkiness at my worst, I'm still working on it though!!
Shoulder-in left

Rama took off and I got very much behind!
Medium trot! 

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