Dressage training with Ville Vaurio: wow!

Ville is back from South Africa, and I was lucky enough to get him to come teach me first thing on Monday! 

The video is pretty pixelated, you can see it best on a phone/tablet but even if you view on a computer or laptop you can see how much Rama moves!! It was amazing, we worked on really difficult stuff, but it felt so easy! (P.S Ville if you're reading this, you don't need to make the lesson anymore hard!!) It was great to push Rama to his limits e.g. starting work on piaffe/passage trot, trot and collection extensions, and flying changes.

Rama is such a super horse to ride, and I'm so pleased how much he has improved and changed over the summer. Even Ville said how much better he is now than when he last saw him over 3 months ago. I'm really gonna miss riding him when I go over to Nottingham, because when you get Rama on your side, he will try his heart out to make you happy, and I've never had the opportunity before to ride such an easy, smart and simply brilliant horse!

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