30 Day Equestrian Challenge, Day #26-30

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30 Day Equestrian Challenge

Day 26 - Your grooming routine

I think my grooming routine is very normal, so I don’t know how interesting this will be… 

Anyway, I start off my brushing through Vallu’s mane and tail after putting in some detangler. At the moment I use Cowboy Magic, which I think is the best thing that you can buy. Lasts for ages, and you it detangles even the most messy, tangled tails ever.
What I do next depends on the general state of Vallu. If he is totally muddy/pooey, I will use the dandy brush and curry come to get rid of most of the mess, followed by a soft body brush to remove the rest of the dirt. If he is not too dirty, I'll only use the soft brushes.
I use baby wipes daily to clear the eyes, nose and around the mouth.

The last thing I do is to use what I like to call the baby brush, for brushing Vallu’s face. It’s super soft and Vallu loves his face being brushed with it!
(Picking out feet with a hoof pick comes first, before Vallu even comes out of the stable!)

Day 27 - You know you’re an equestrian when…

(These are as original as I can think of!)
  1. You share your sandwich and drink with your horse
  2. You find hay in your hair and in your clothes many hours after coming home from the stables
  3. Driving along you click at the other cars driving too slow
  4. All of your profile pictures and background photos on your phone, Facebook, Twitter, etc are of your horse(s)
  5. Your friends no longer ask you what you are doing and if you’d like to go out on the weekends since you’ll always decline because you’re too busy riding.
Day 28 - Helmet or no helmet?
HELMET ALWAYS! Although on the cold winter days/hot summer days I always dream of riding without a helmet because my ears wouldn’t freeze in the winter and I wouldn’t have to wear a sweaty helmet in the summer!

Day 29 - A style/trend in tack/etc. that you don’t like
I think everyone is entitled to like any style in tack etc, so I can't judge since I know certain people will hate what I use/wear. If your horse has everything blinged out to the max, that is fine by me and if your horse has the basic necessities then that is also good, because as long as the horse is loved, it doesn't matter what styles/trends are going on.

Day 30 - Your future with horses
I would love to be able to carry on riding horses for the rest of my life, but you can never predict what is going to happen, so I don't know. But in the near future, I'll hopefully be riding Vallu for many more years to come, and start competing with him. If Vallu can't cope with the pressure of competitions, I'll still keep him (of course) and just continue to train and learn to ride with him everyday. No matter what happens, I hope that horses will be in my future for a very long time!

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