Getting started again

With Valllu's temperature appearing to go down back to his normal range, I decided to lightly lunge Vallu on Sunday. I normally work horses on the lunge for about 20 to 30 minutes, but this time I only did 15 minutes with him, with the side reins super long so that he could move how he wanted to, with nothing really restricting him. And he was really good! A bit more calm than usual, but I'm putting that down to him still being a bit tired. 

After lunging him on Sunday, we went out for a walk around the arenas, and behind one of the indoor arenas is an outdoor eventing water jump, which Vallu persistenly refuses to go close to!

I refuse to come any closer

This is apparently very scary for a dressage horse
Vallu also went out in his new paddock for the first time on Sunday! The girls said that for the first five minutes he was really spooky and not really sure what to do with himself, but after that he chilled and kept his head down for the next few hours.

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