Vallu in UK Day #1

Vallu has started to settle down at his new home, which is lovely to see. Dad and I have visited him twice today, so that we can check his temperature and see how he is doing. Yesterday evening Vallu had a temperature of 38.8°, but today it had dropped down to 37.2°C so everything is hopefully okay.

 Today there was a dressage and show jumping competitions going on, so as all of the indoor and outdoor arenas were taken, we were walking around the lorry park. I was expecting him to be freaking and spooking since there was so much going on, but instead he was so relaxed and looking at everything going on. I'm so impressed with him, it appears like he has really grown up.
Vallu checking out the competition
In the evening we visited Vallu again, and since the competitions were over, we were able to walk around the outdoor arenas. It was such a great sunny and warm evening, and for the first time in months I felt properly relaxed, not having to stress about anything. Vallu was behaving like his normal self, spooking at the shadows and staring at nothing in the distance.

Staring at something scary in the distance 
The view from the outdoor arenas
Fingers crossed this is the start of a great autumn!

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