Day #1 in Germany

Had a very long but lovely day today, it's surprisingly easy to get back into an old routine (remembering from the last summer) This afternoon ETA sent the provisional dates for Vallu's next week's travels to Nottingham, and everything is starting to fall into place! Very exciting...
 Vallu is in such a good mood and in great shape, considering how long he travelled for.This morning he pulled me around the yard during our morning 30 minute walk, and was looking very well! I'm over the moon with how well he is, tomorrow I'll try to get on and ride a little bit.

He also got to go out in the sand paddock for an hour today, which he was very happy about. The only bad thing was that it has been heavily raining for the last 2 days, and so the paddock was pretty wet/muddy and so fat pony refused to go down for a roll, but I don't blame him...

Last thing in the evening V also got to go on the horse walker, which he is a proper pro at by now. The walker is great, since the spaces for the horses are huge, which allows them to turn around easily when the walker changes direction. The surface is super, which means that even if the horses do decide to fool around, they don't hurt their legs.
 When I wasn't with Vallu, I was watching Henri ride or give lessons. Even though the lesson was in German, I could see (and slightly understand) what Henri wanted. It's great to have such a talented brother, you can learn an awful lot just from sitting and watching...
I got to drive Henri's car, a Porsche Cayenne. OMG I love it, and I want it! Driving on the German motorways is no problem with this beauty.
 I went out for dinner with Henri, Senta and Senta's mum, and had a lovely time. Just had to mention the roses that we all got from the Italian restaurant, so sweet.

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