We're in Nottingham!

Vallu finally arrived at our new home! At long last, our seemingly endless move from Finland to Nottingham is over! Although Vallu was meant to arrive yesterday, ETA apparently didn't have enough horses to transport to this area yesterday, so he spent all day at ETA's yard in Dover and they decided to deliver him today.
After unpacking our massive bags, dad and I took Vallu out for a walk around the yard, to see all the outdoor and indoor arenas, as well as the eventing jump set that is surrounded by a shallow puddle. Vallu was rather brave, especially in the indoor arena that had the massive jump course set up in there!

Tomorrow we'll go visit  him twice, to walk him. If all goes well, and Vallu starts to become more energetic I'll start exercising him, by lunging and hacking out and we'll see how it goes on from there! I''m just so glad this is over, and Vallu can start to settle down in his new home.

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