30 Day Equestrian Challenge, Day #22

30 Day Equestrian Challenge

Day 22 - The importance of riding in your life

Riding is a lifestyle for me, it can't even be described as a hobby anymore. I was out with my best non-horsey friend tonight, and as I was expressing concern that my new flatmates/uni friends might not understand that I will often have to say no to going out because I have to go ride/train Vallu, she replied, "but it's not like it's a hobby to you, it's your life." 
Horses, and riding, give challenges everyday, and it's so rewarding to complete a challenge and then move on to something more difficult all the time. As a perfectionist, I don't think I will ever learn everything there is to learn about dressage, but I'm looking forward to learning as much as possible. I love riding, and I can't imagine my life without it, but it's the horses that make it much more special.

Riding is my life, and my life is riding.
"It is in this flow of knowledge and balance that a wonderful feature of dressage can be found; it is an art held between two species."

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