30 Day Equestrian Challenge, Day #17

30 Day Equestrian Challenge

Day 17 - Your equestrian idol

This is a very easy challenge, but it will be another soppy and sentimental post about how much I adore my brother and how much he inspires me.

Henri has been riding since he was little, thanks to mum who took him to his first riding lessons. After a while the riding bug caught on, and my parents bought Henri his first pony, Taikun Jalkopa. A young wild pony stallion (maybe not the most ideal first pony - talk about throwing him in the deep end) it took a while for them to click, but the pair in the end won the Finnish Championships pony riders and placed 5th in the Baltic Championships.

 His junior rider horse was a very temperamental and difficult mare who reminds me very much of Vallu (colour, size, temperament etc) But even with such a complicated horse, Henri and Gerlinda won the Finnish Championships for juniors (individual as well as team) and were on the Finnish European Championship team for juniors. Not bad. Even with difficult horses Henri has managed to succeed, so every time I struggle with Vallu I keep thinking that Henri has done this, so can I.

After re-locating from England to Germany in 2011 and starting his own business, Henri has managed to earn a place on the Finnish senior team sent to the European Championships, and did great in Herning! It really made me proud to have Henri as my bigbro when he had to rebuild his life and start all over, and to see how far he has come, makes me even more proud to be his sister.

It's amazing to have someone like this as your brother, someone who inspires you and makes you want to learn more so that you can be a better rider, as well as a better person. And this makes Henri my equestrian idol.

(Henri when you read this, if you ever quote this stuff to me in real life I will die of embarrassment and will never be able to talk to you normally)

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