Finally riding

FINALLY I've been able to ride Vallu this week from Tuesday onwards, which has been great. It felt like ages since I'd last ridden, even though it had only been a week. Vallu has really settled down well at his new home, and is up to his usual tactics of making everyone fall in love with him. The first thing that the farrier said (who on Thursday checked out his feet) was "now that's a handsome horse" :D

At the beginning of the week I was still so ditzy that I forgot my boots at home, so that meant I rode in my trainers! Vallu loved it, since I also forgot my whip at the stable and so he got to jog along with me having no choice but to just sit there and enjoy a rare ride of laziness.

Today after riding underneath the solarium
Wednesday and Thursday went much better, just because I was equipped better with my riding boots and whip! I hardly even need to use my spurs and whip with Vallu, but he knows when I don't have them, and then nothing constructive will come out of that ride. As the yard we're at has two outdoor arenas, as well as two indoor arenas, I'm really spoilt for choice. So far I've managed to use both the outdoor arenas and the other indoor. Riding outside has been a bit of a challenge as all Vallu wants to do is to just stare at everything that's happening around him. On Tuesday we spent 20 minutes faffing about because Vallu wanted to stare at the cows in the field which were miles away! 

On Friday Vallu had a day off simply because I was suffering from Fresher's Flu. I spent an hour grooming him and then walking him around the outdoor arenas, showing all the jumps to him! Progress has been made, since Vallu was now quite happy to go check out all of the jumps.
Not a happy bunny :D

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