We're in Germany!

Last grass in Finland
So we have finally arrived in Germany! The trip here went really well, much better than I expected. Vallu is looking good, and I think very happy to be at a familiar stable, since this is his third stay there.
Tuesday morning in Sweden
We left home Monday 6pm (Finnish time) and boarded the ferry from Naantali to Kapellskär, Sweden, The ferry left at 10.30pm and arrived at 5.30am (Swedish time) 

Our first stop in Sweden was at a HUGE racetrack. There must have more than 100 horses stabled there, but it was so well maintained that I couldn't do more than admire it. Because there were so many horses, you can image how busy it was. Vallu was so calm, and so well behaved that I wouldn't have believed it unless I had been there.  

Not tired at all
We then had another break a few hours later, closer to the second port. Here Vallu was able to be turned out and eat grass for a couple of hours. The best thing was that the grass was very wet, and since Vallu hadn't been drinking too much, it was great to get him hydrated.

Other horses :)
The second boat trip was from Malmö, Sweden to Travemünde, Germany. The boat left Sweden at 10pm, and we were in Germany at 7am. Once again, Vallu looked to be very happy and not too tired. I hadn't slept at all during the first night from stressing about how Vallu was coping, but during that night I had no problems because I knew how well he travels.
Vallu's breakfast this morning

Getting close
One very happy, only slightly tired pony

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