Last day for Vallu

Vallu left the stables yesterday evening with ETA, and hopefully if all goes according to plan we will see him happy and healthy on Thursday afternoon!

Vallu has gone to the walker every morning for 30-45minutes which I think is really good for him. The slight swelling in his legs goes down and he gets to warm up his muscles. After the walker, he then went out for 1 to 2 hours.

Vallu's I refuse to move stance and face
Yesterday afternoon before he left, I decided to lunge him in order to get him really loose and relaxed throughout his entire body so that he could travel in the best possible way, and hopefully not get too stiff during his journey.

After Vallu had left, we went to visit some other horses at a yard close to home.
Rosie the shetland ♥

I'm leaving Germany tomorrow morning, my flight from Dusseldorf leaves at 7.20am (uuurgh, really early start...) Dad and I will meet up at Heathrow before renting a car and driving up to Nottingham to meet Vallu at his new stable.

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