Cross country training!

No don't worry, of course Vallu didn't go cross country training ;) On Monday as everyone had the day off I tagged along with my camera and we went to Newton for a bit of cross country schooling. It's so nice to be at a yard where you have all different areas covered from dressage, show jumping and eventing to team chases and hunting! This weekend two of our yard friends are off to a hunter trial where they are doing a cross country course in pairs, and I'm going with them to take photos so this was great timing for me to brush up on my photography skills.

 Spending the hour at Newton Cross Country course really made me want to get a horse that would like to jump, it looked like so much fun. You'll be pleased to know to that no one fell off and that we only have two run outs, so both ponies were incredibly well behaved. Hopefully this means that the hunter trials will go just as well and there won't be any drama :D

Someone liked the water 

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