There's nothing quite like being able to ride outdoors in the sunshine on a warm autumn afternoon. After the visiting the vets last Monday, Vallu had four days of walking followed by a weekend of hacking out so you can imagine that come Monday afternoon I was sitting on fire breathing dragon/ticking time bomb of a horse who was very excited to do proper work. Vallu bounced from one end of the indoor to the other end, refused to do trot for more than five strides before cantering off squealing... And I couldn't help but laugh and smile at how happy he was.
This week we're sticking to only 15 minutes of work a day to gently introduce him back to proper work, next week 30 minutes and the following week 45 minutes. I'm so happy to be even allowed to do fifteen minutes of trot and canter without constantly having to doubt myself that it might be hurting him. End of next week we are having a mini lesson with Lili so that she can have a look at how Vallu is moving and to give me a bit of help - 4 months of no training has ruined my seat and made my aids so much slower. I can't wait :)

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