Fat camp

Happy May everyone! Vallu has been having a great time with his increased walk hacks and increased turn out and I am even happier that his leg seems to be coping really well with the increased amount of work. We have had no swelling or heat, and I am hopeful that soon we shall see some weight coming off too! 

This week we're up to 50 minutes of ridden work a day (twice up and down the drive with ten minutes in school or a short hack on the roads) In respect of our annual May bank holiday Monday morning hack, we decided to risk getting soaked through - thank you to the weather Gods! - and did a nice hack on our 'safe' route. I would say it would have been a lovely hack except for the fact that I experienced my first near (very near) falling off of 2016. We went from walking on long reins on buckle end chatting to Lisa to suddenly Vallu doing a 180 and galloping to the middle of a massive open field. Oooppss... Vallu's hacking halo just slightly slipped out of place, but went firmly back on when Lisa's horse had a wobble at kids screaming in a garden on electric scooters and Vallu piaffed his way past and we didn't end up in the ditch/hedge like I thought we would!

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