10 Christmas gift ideas for your equestrian friend

With Christmas Eve less than 20 days away(!!!) I thought I'd share a list of possible gifts for your equestrian friends. We all have those horsey friends who have everything possible and then you are meant to find them a cute present that doesn’t cost the earth... 🎄🎁 I can highly recommend Etsy for finding those awesome gifts that will surely be a hit with your friends!

But if you’re struggling, here are my 10 Christmas gift ideas:

1. Horse Necklace - if your equestrian adores horses like I do, then check out this horse necklace from Etsy that I think would be a great little Christmas present! 
2. This awesome personalized Horse Pillow Cover again from Etsy would make any equestrian happy. You could either put their name on the pillow or to really make their heart sing put their horse's name on it! Available in many colours, you cannot go wrong with this one!
3. Glittery overreach boots - as long your friend like glitter, they will adore these BR Equestrian Equipment's glittery overreach boots. I have the silver ones and bought the bronze ones for mum (I was too excited by them to save them so she got an early Christmas present from me!) 🙈 so I can really recommend these, they are durable and stay glittery after being washed, get yours from here

4. Glittery 'Unicorn' Tree Decoration - so whilst we are on the topic of glittery gifts, what about these absolutely amazing tree decorations from Hanrose?! £4.95 for these unicorn decorations are available in off-white pearlescent acrylic and silver. They many other styles, such as a trotting or jumping horse or even a rearing one (maybe I need to get this for Vallu? 🤔)
5. Glittery horse shoe - can you tell I like glitter? I have seen so much glittery suggestions floating around that I feel like there's currently a glitter trend going on? These handmade glittery horse shoes are just stunning, it would be an amazing present and guaranteed to make your equestrian friend smile.
6. Socks - Some some boring, I think essential. These slinky socks from HorseHealth would make my day! These ultra light close contact socks provide comfort whilst neutralising odours and wicking moisture, humidity and perspiration away from the foot #perfect 

7. Gloves - I don't think anyone horsey would complain about more gloves, especially winter weight ones. I go through gloves like there's no tomorrow, so I'm always on the look out for more gloves. These HV Polo Roja Logan Gloves from Fur Feather Meds in the new seasonal colour roja are winter weight, super warm and well insulated. They have a small zip at the side, are grippy and have a comfortable lining on the inside and most importantly, they are not too thick for riding!

8. Snoods - Again, you can never go wrong with these especially a Pikeur neck warmer with teddy lining to keep you extra warm. No more tense neck muscles from tensing your neck and shoulders because it's so cold, I think it's the perfect item for wintry days! The Pikeur neck warmer also has a stylish big knit design and a luxuriously soft fleece lining for warmth and comfort. 
9. Travel mug - this doesn't require much explanation. Warm coffee/tea/hot chocolate makes a very content rider! You can find this mug here.
10. Watch - There's always a shortage of clocks around barns and show grounds, so a good watch will always come in handy for an equestrian! The HV Polo Azurro watch is tough as it's made from a resistant rubber, making it great for wearing at the yard. You can get one from here

Have you done all your Christmas shopping? Have you got any other suggestions for Christmas presents for equestrians?

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