New year, new goals?

Oh wow.

Those are the only words that come into my mind that adequately describe the shock that it's now actually already 4 days into January 2017 and woahhh Christmas is over, although it has been so nice to have a long break from blogging! Although I spent most of Christmas on the sofa thanks to a horrible flu, I was still able to see all of my family and spend Christmas Eve just chilling and spending quality time with the best people ❤️ Due to my flu, both the boys had several days off and Basse somehow ended up having a week off(!!) after which he has come back better than ever!

I have never been good at new year's resolutions, so there’ll be no new year and new me but this time I have decided to make goals for 2017. My biggest goals for this new year are to do competitions with both boys. I've had a long enough break from competing and definitely need to get back into it. Although Vallu can start practising for competitions pretty much whenever because his leg seems fine, I think Basse will need a month or two more before his fitness level is good enough - our current max is doing 3 canter circles on the left rein (bad rein) on the bit without getting confused about what leg goes where so I think even the easiest level test is still a bit too much to ask from the Fat Unicorn. But hopefully he might be ready to rock a prelim test in a few months! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 
Vallu (who is also known as Heart Attack Horse) has had his halo on very firmly for the last week  😇 and I'm hoping the he keeps it on for a while even though we are now experiencing -15 to -20°C temperatures and I think theres a good chance that he might turn into a fire breathing dragon spaceship rocket if this morning's behaviour in his paddock is anything to go by... 🔥🐲🚀💥 In early December I hit a big wall with him because of his massive spooking episodes but this seems to have disappeared with his new Prolite girth and by changing the head plate on his saddle to a size smaller. I'm definitely going to do a review of the girth because it has made SUCH a big difference to his way of going (his trot is so big now that I can barely sit to it!) and I think it's 'stabilised' the saddle a bit too which makes staying on and sitting to his spooks a lot easier.

Has anyone got any new year's resolutions? I'm just hoping 2017 is a lot easier and happier for my family and our horses.
Now THIS is my type of new year's resolution


  1. Oooh very exciting about getting the boys into the show ring!!! Can't wait to see how that goes!!