Double bridle from EquiWare UK

Vallu’s double bridle is well over 10 years old, as it was originally bought for mum’s mare when she was younger and after she was retired mum could not sell it or give it away but despite me giving it lots of TLC and taking REALLY good care of it for the last 5 years or so it has finally started to show signs that it’s time to buy a new bridle. The leather has got the tiniest of cracks on the headpiece and the noseband so although I can still safely use it for now, I won’t be able to for too long before I'd start feeling uncomfortable and worried about it. 

So then started the hunt for a new double bridle 🕵🏼 I knew exactly what I wanted, it was just finding a company that either had exactly what I wanted or were willing to create one for me. My requirements were: an anatomically shaped headpiece which is softly padded, an anatomically shaped noseband and the throatlash and cheekpieces made of rolled leather. I essentially wanted what my snaffle bridle is but with an anatomically shaped noseband and extra cheek pieces for the other bit. I first looked at BR’s bridles since this is where Vallu’s snaffle bridle is from, but after emailing them about the sizing of their bridles I realised that it would be a risk to buy their biggest size since even that might end up being too small. There was always the option of PS of Sweden, but they are SO expensive that my bank card was sobbing at the thought of paying for one. One evening I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a British company called EquiWare UK. One of their sponsored riders is my lovely friend Jessica from Gee Gee & Me blog so after messaging her and asking her lots of questions I decided to get in contact with Evie from EquiWare UK.
And my God what good customer service. I think I may have asked 30+ questions about their bridles and for more photos and Evie replied to everything within a few hours, even over the weekends! Because of Vallu’s weird head shape and size I didn’t know if a full would fit well as he tends to be between full and an X-full size so in the end I sent all of Vallu’s measurements to her so that a totally custom sized can be made! How cool is that!? Then for no extra price that she had already given me, I get reins and a custom diamante browband!! (I went for the anthracite, grey and clear combo) ✨✨✨
There’s also the option of paying 50% upfront and 50% upon shipping or 100% in advance which I think is really nice of them, I haven’t found a lot of companies who are willing to do so. So with 10% off thanks to Jessica's code the total of bridle with discount was £99.00 and then postage to Finland on top of that! Not bad at all!! 😍 I’m really looking forward to seeing what it ends up like, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a stunning bridle! It should be ready in 4-6 weeks and I cannot wait!

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