Trends to watch out for: Spooks SS18

As I just received my very first Spooks saddle pad, I realise how foolish I had been for not including Spooks in my 'trends to watch out for' series, where I cover my favourite equestrian brands, their new season collections and any exciting new products they have launched!
Spooks is very much one of my favourite brands aesthetically at purely because  I love the look of their rider clothing (especially their breeches and hoodies) and their willingness to use sequins and sparkles on everything totally appeals to the inner princess in me 👑 They stick to good clean patterns, but include a dabble of glitter or sequins to jazz it up a bit! This season Spooks has gone for a mix of ombre, glittery and sequin details in their products, but especially in their rider clothing. Apart from the normal navy, grey and black and the classy silvers, greys and whites; there are also bright blues, greens and pinks thrown in for good measure and to appeal to as many customers as possible. My ONLY problem with them is there are no matching boots or bandages... 🙄 Just why?

There is everything from summery tops to competition breeches - I really do love with it all - especially since there are saddle pads to match it all! There are two major different styles of saddle pads in this collection: the Crown style and the Montegrosso style. The crown is a bit more simple whilst the Montegrosso has a fantastic sequin embroidery on both sides.  What I think is a REALLY smart move by Spooks is to have both of these styles of pads available in 12 different colours, which is the opposite of what other big brands tend to do e.g. Eskadron do 5+ different styles of pads in a maximum of 4 colours, or Equestrian Stockholm who do a single style of pad in 4 colours each season. Clever marketing by Spooks! And you know, it also helps that Spooks' Instagram game is on fire! It's one of those brands that I look forward to having my Facebook and Instagram flooded by because their photos are spot on.

What do you think? Do you like Spooks  as much as I do?

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