Trends to watch out for: Eskadron Classic AW18 collection

With love from... Eskadron! Have you already seen the newest Eskadron Classic collection for this autumn/winter? 🍁🍂❄️
After years of waiting for the return of purple, it's finally here in a Classic collection. Eskadron have created a lovely collection, with masses of glitter and sparkles thrown in, so for the magpies out there resistance is futile! ✨ The colours of this collection are called plum, lavender, atlantic blue, dark navy, marshmallow and silver pearl. Plum appears to be pretty close to last year's blackberry Platinum but several shades darker with a navy tinge to it, whilst atlantic blue looks identical to the Next Generation's 2015 royal blue so if you missed out on that, this will be a good alternative! Silver pearl looks pretty much the same as violet grey from last year's Platinum collection BUT the cotton, big square and the glossy emblem pads all have the edging in plum or lavender which does create a contrast and a bigger difference. So far the only one that looks like a total copy of a previous collection is the silver pearl glossy big square - see for yourself ⤵️
Also a funny thing to note is that plum is available in seven different styles of saddle pads, atlantic blue in six, silver pearl and dark navy both in five, but marshmallow only in one style as well as the lavender colour in only two and there are no matching bandages or boots for it! Which I think is a real shame, it's such a pretty colour and I know it would have sold well 💸

My favourite pad from this collection are the glossy glam pads and the emblem glossy pads. Although I seem to collect big square styles mainly, the glossy navy pad that I have is perfect for keeping hair and dirt off it! The emblem glossy pads have a double contrasting cord piping, but in between the cords are silver coloured strass stones - lots of points to Eskadron 💎 This style is available in both silver pearl and lavender, but you'd have to pair them with the silver pearl or plum bandages.
Here are some more photos:
What do you think? Are you loving the purple and grey combination? 

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