Trends to watch out for: Eskadron Platinum 2019 collection

Every single year Eskadron Platinum has been THE collection of the year for me, however this collection has left me a little underwhelmed - it has the feeling of being more like a Classic collection than a Platinum collection, there is less that I'd like of the vitality and glamour which what I think a Platinum collection should have! πŸ€” If this had come out a few years ago before Equestrian Stockholm did olive, before PS of Sweden did orange and before Le Mieux did orange and olive colours then it'd be amazing - but right now it feels like it's just Eskadron trying to catch up with the other companies colour wise, and not actually bringing out anything 'new'. However, if you missed out on these colours before or are looking to complete your riding outfits with orange and olive coloured boots, Eskadron has got your back! And because this is Eskadron and it truly is my favourite equestrian brand of all time, let's have a better look at this collection.... ⤵️
So the official colours of this collection are off-white, martini-olive, navy and vermillion-orange - quite autumnal but beautiful colours nevertheless! πŸπŸ‚ Like mentioned above, when I first saw the leaked photos last week my initial thought was "this looks all very similar..." and then realised that martini-olive reminded me of PS of Sweden's capulet green and Equestrian Stockholm and Le Meiux's olive colours, and the vermillion-orange is almost identical to PS of Sweden's sunset orange from a few collections ago! It does make you wonder if Eskadron's marketing and research team have investigated what sold well with other equestrian brands and then simulated their own version. But having said that, I don't think these colours are too similar to what Eskadron have brought out recently (orange was done in many collections 4-5 years ago but hasn't been seen since!) and I don't believe I've ever seen Eskadron do an olive colour before, so these colours were needed - it just feels like a bit of a copy & paste job.
But on the more positive side, if we look closer at what Eskadron has brought out this time,  I think the highlight of this collection are the rugs, they look incredible! You have a choice of 10 different rugs, everything from stable rugs to fly rugs. The fleece sweat rug with a wide binding is my favourite one (photo below πŸ‘‡πŸ») it looks it would be a perfect addition to any Eskadron fan's collection as a rug that you could use all the time - as a fleece rug in spring and autumn time in the stables, during winter as a way to warm up your quicker when riding, etc.
Also if you take a closer look at the photo below, you can see that Eskadron has decided to change the design of their boots, so rather than being just the sheepskin inside now instead there is a fluffy sheepskin rim around the edges and looks like a technical material on the inside with a strike pad. This means that the boots are breathable so they will be perfect for summer riding and for those of us who are concerned about using fluffy boots in the heat and the potential effect it can have on our horses' legs🌑I'm really impressed with these and hopefully the following collections will be using this design too!
Here are some more photos of the new collection:

Also a new product - a big storage bag which would be great at competitions/when travelling as you can get so much stuff into this!
Let me know what you think of this collection - do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know in the comments below!

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