Trends to watch out for: PS of Sweden AW19 collection

So having had a few weeks to calm down after PS of Sweden's surprise publication of their new AW 2019 collection at the beginning of this month, I'm super excited to share with you more photos and comments about this brilliant collection! For me, this is THE collection this autumn - I love it in its entirety. The colours for the AW 2019 collection are: wine, grape, atlantic, jade, lush (pink), violet and raspberry.
 In a very interesting new tactic PS of Sweden have released ALL the names of the colours, but are doing several 'drops' over the next 3 months, unlike last year where they only shared the colours as they sold them. I think this is because now that people know which colours are coming, they're able to plan ahead and think about what colours and sets they want to purchase. At the moment it sounds like whilst grape and wine have already arrived now with drop #1, jade and lush will be arriving in September with drop #2 and finally atlantic, violet and raspberry with drop 3 in November. However, only the professional photos of the drop 1 colours of grape and wine have been released, but with leaks floating around on Facebook you'll be able to find the other colours very quickly!

For those who managed to nab sets from last year's Christmas collection, this collection won't be as exciting in regards to these colour (apart from jade and atlantic) because raspberry and grape/violet look to be very similar to that collection's colours. However for people like who totally missed out on the super rare lavender, violet is your chance to get it! I was going to add wine being incredibly similar to merlot, however having seen the real life wine set and seeing comparison photos I can confirm that they are two entirely different shades of dark red. Whilst merlot is a deep red, wine is darker and has a shade of purple to it.
 And as always, PS of Sweden have once again bought out a wonderful clothing collection to match the drop #1 colours, there are coats, hoodies and breeches in each of the colours that have been released so far, as well as a gilet and two different jackets in the chocolate colour that will match the binding of each of these colours!
The new chocolate gilet
What do you think of this collection? 🍁🍂 Let me know in the comments below!

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