Trends to watch out for: Eskadron Classic AW19 collection

So I might be a little bit late to the party (thank you crazy work hours) but WOW what a strong collection Eskadron have created for this year's Classic autumn/winter collection. This whole set is giving me the vibes of an old collection from a few years ago when Eskadron also released a petrol colour 🌊 I think a teal blue colour is such a good strong colour to have in a collection because it suits every single horse, but an especially good one to use for an autumn/winter range. AND how nice is it to see an Eskadron collection that doesn't have any navy or white or cream in it?! 
Interestingly, for this collection Eskadron have decided to go for just three colours rather than their normal 4-5 different colours 🤔 This time the colours are: soft grey, caviar and teal blue and to be totally honest, I like all of them. I also think the design of the cotton emblem pad, the velvet and the big square glossy pads are so beautiful! Over the years Eskadron proven over and over again that they are 100% worth the price tag as their products just last and last, you really do get quality with Eskadron.

Also HELLO once again to the exercise rugs that Eskadron have decided to finally bring back 🙌🏻 It's been years since they've brought any out and they are such good quality and such a great thing to have ahead of the upcoming autumn and winter when a fleece riding rug is a god send on cold autumn morning and evening rides. I have a collection of woollen riding rugs but I do have to invest in a fleece riding rug too this year.

Here are more photos of the collection:
Doesn't it look lovely? The new style of the boots with the fur lining but mesh inside which means they are more breathable - Eskadron have decided to carry on with this new style that was first introduced in this year's Platinum collection and I am so glad that they've gone for it because for I always worry about the impact of using fluffy boots and the potential effect it can have on our horses' legs, which means that when one set of my boots get to the end of their life I will be purchasing new boots from Eskadron.

Let me know what you think of this collection!

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