Trends to watch out for: Equestrian Stockholm SS20 collection

Well hello second spring summer collection release of 2020! My goodness these companies are starting earlier and earlier each year, I think there might be a competition to get customers' attentions and get the customer to stick with them rather than going for other equestrian companies 🤗 Which is good for us, because we need something to distract us from the miserable weather we've been having recently! So, let's have a closer look at Equestrian Stockholm's spring summer 2020 collection...
So the first colours that they've released are the lovely steel blue and the fantastic amazonite - which I renamed as denim and peacock when I was trying to explain them 🦚 It's brilliant to see that both colours have clothing that matches, but also boots as well as over reach boots so that those who don't like to bandage have something else - much more fair! Although I was initially worried that steel blue would be very similar to ES's ice blue colour, having now seen the comparison photos it is indeed different, it's a deeper and darker shade of blue - there is a definitely a big enough difference to warrant you getting both. I had the same worry for amazonite that it would be close to emerald, and although it is closer to emerald than steel blue is to ice blue, it is still a shade or two different. And before you go, oh they're doing just two colours? ES have a naughty habit of releasing more colours later on, and from the sneak peaks that they shared online whilst they were shooting these photos I spotted at least two other colours - a pale green reminiscent of pistage with a cream binding, as well as a grey pad with Bordeaux binding to match their new competition jacket in bordeaux. So more than likely, these will be released in a few months time!

One of my favourite things about Equestrian Stockholm is that they are sustainable and ethical, and always have the the environment in mind when they design new products 🌱 Did you know that ES are very much focused on recycled materials, which is why the new Amazonite jacket shown here in the photos below is actually made of recycled materials. This is something that other companies should really start to do as well, and I'm glad that ES are taking charge and doing something a better way 🌍 
And here are photos of the new steel blue - it has a real smokiness in the colour which I love! 💎
What do you think of this collection?

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