Trends to watch out for: Eskadron Classic SS20 collection

Hello weekend! Let’s give you some new trends inspiration, and this one features the one that I always look forward to the most, the Eskadron collection! Normally there are always leaks a few days in advance but this time Eskadron managed to keep it under lock and key right until the release date... 🔑 So let's have a closer look at Eskadron Classic SS20 collection
To be honest I am a little bit disappointed in the colours, it definitely has the feel of more like a Platinum collection - papaya, sky blue, cool grey, navy and brown!! A spring summer collection should be filled with colour and Classic is normally one of my favourite collections because its bright and fun. It's basically tradition for Eskadron to always release navy with each collection, but a brown as well? Since when was brown a spring summer colour?? I for one cannot take anymore brown. And a pale beige grey, again... 🤦🏼‍♀️ This feels like they have left over material from their AW19 soft grey collection and have decided to use it up. I really do miss the old summer colours like berry, mint, mango etc which really pop and make you think of summer! I miss all of those vibrant and different colours. Don't get me wrong I really like the blue and the orange - it's been a long time since they've done a lovely pale blue - but a collection with just two nice colours? 👎🏻 Also, a Classic collection to me means a proper big square saddle pad with a stripe. This new style isn't it for me. 

BUT I do admit that I do really really like the sky blue, it's a real baby powder blue which will look incredible on every single horse. Then there's the fantastic holo details and funky logo designs that have been updated which make these just a bit more special! The velvet pads also have bling on the edging which I feel is a perfect touch of subtle sparkle ✨ I just reckon they blew the budget on last year's Heritage collection (which was so popular that stockists over here in the UK didn't even receive their orders and customers didn't get their products!!), but if Eskadron doesn't pull something special out of the bag soon I feel that they might get left behind if they're not careful. Other brands (Equestrian Stockholm, PS of Sweden, Equito etc) are way ahead of them at the moment...

A close up of my favourite colour & style of pad

Here are some more photos:

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