Fur Feather Meds shopping delivery

When asked what present I would like for my name day (Finnish celebration, like a mini-birthday) of course a horse girl like me is going to answer with saddle pad and bandages! Since in Finland there isn't a wide selection of saddle pads - apart from the very common ones - I decided to order online. I returned to my favourite shop Fur Feather Meds from where I've already bought stuff from before (you can read about it here!)

 1. "Patent" over-reach boots! I have been dreaming about boots like these for ages! At only £17, they are a bargain. These will look really good when training and at competitions.

 2. HV Polo bandages in navy. I cannot describe in words how much I adore HV Polo stuff, and these bandages have gone straight up to number one as my favourite bandages! I love the design, they're a really good length and width, and pretty thick so they will last for a long time and through many washes.

3. HV Polo Oxford saddle pad in navy. This is even more beautiful in real life. I really like every little detail on the pad, the navy stripe edging, the logo at the corner, the silver and white ropes as well as the HV sewn into the pad! So pretty, and the fact that they last long and cope well with washes makes HV Polo saddle pads great.

And one of the best things with FFM is that if you wait patiently, Lily will reward you with a little gift! This time I got a lovely euro-star pair of socks, which are so soft! Thank you!

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