Taking a chill pill

Since Nelli, Basse and Rama all got their fly shots on Monday, we've had several days of being lazy, with the ponies going out twice into their paddocks (once in the morning and again in the evening). Today was the first day that I have ridden in a couple of days, and it was great to be back in the saddle! Two days is way too long a time for me! ;)
I've had the luxury of being able to hack out all three horses! There is nothing better for the soul than a hack with your horses.  It's fun to get to do fun stuff with Basse as well, since nowadays I ride him quite rarely,  so I really enjoyed walking about with him today, and I think it did the world of good for him too. 
Basse and Rama being very friendly! 

Vallu is having a couple of days off work with no serious training happening this week, simply because he has worked so hard last month and we progressed so much that I believe that he has the right to a well deserved short holiday. Next Monday/Tuesday it's back to work for our final push in training before we start moving to Nottingham next month! So soon, I'm really excited! 

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