Dressage lesson with Karita Kotikulma: so much progress

Vallu has once again progressed so much recently. Every lesson it feels like he is going better and better, and riding him is such a joy! I just feel so lucky to have the chance to ride him, and this is so worth all the trouble we went through with him in the winter.

Exhausted rider, happy horse

Yesterday, instead of having a lesson I asked Karita to ride Vallu. The last time that she rode him was last autumn right at the beginning when I started having lessons with her. The change between then and now is incredible. Then, we worked on Vallu being long and low, relaxed and working properly through his back. Now, we work on his self-carriage, high and up and big movements forward. I love when someone more knowledgeable can confirm what I've been thinking, that my horse improved loads!

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