Rama rocks!

Working with Rama has been a bit difficult recently, but that's totally been my fault. I've always struggled to properly do sitting trot, it's been really difficult to actually sit there without either moving completely against his movement or then bouncing all over the place with no control over my posture. 
Mum has been amazing and really tried to help me with this. The last two weeks she has been there at the sides whenever I've been training with Rama, and now finally I have found how to sit properly!
The last time that I trained with Rama I suddenly realised that I am subconsciously tensing my knees, which meant that there was tension in my seat, and that's why I couldn't properly do sitting trot. Now that I can focus on something to improve on, I think we will be able to move onto more trot work, such as half pass and shoulder-in without me messing it up totally!

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