Back to work

First week back at university for my second semester, and I'm already tired. We have a module about designing political research which no other university does, and it looks great... But it involves a lot of work, (which is disproportionate to the length of the essay and the amount of credits that the module is) and then on top of that, I've been made group leader which means more organisation, emails and bossing people around :D
Love the university campus
This is what competing with Vallu will be like I think ;) 
Vallu has had a very easy week, because of the constant snow. Monday was a light ride in the afternoon, Tuesday off because I was at uni all day, Wednesday lunging in disgusting storm conditions (got lots of pony point for being very well behaved) Thursday off because of the snow so we only hand walked outside. Friday we had a proper training session, but the first twenty minute were spent arguing about what we were going to do - I said shoulders in and walk pirouettes, Vallu said galloping and doing medium trots down the long side... Saturday we hacked out and walked up the big big big hill (woop woop) because Vallu's BFF Ginger is back at the yard, and hacking out is much more relaxing when Vallu has Ginger to protect him from the invisible monsters that are hiding in the hedges ;)
After Friday's ride... ♥︎

Lots of snow - for the UK ;) and lots of things to look at

We have some very exciting things happening in the middle of February, and with university attempting to drown me in work I've come to the conclusion that I'll try to keep Vallu in light work so that he stays sane - but I won't feel bad for giving him two days off a week or if he only gets properly worked in the school twice a week. As long as he stays happy, then I'll just keep him ticking over then.
Vallu sends his love to everyone :D
Is anyone else struggling to balance work and horses? This always seems to happen to me at the beginning of every year until spring arrives... :(

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