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 First day back from Finland and I was greeted with snow in Nottingham, I'm sorry but no thank you. I do not like snow in England at all, especially because I've got a tiny car that doesn't have winter/snow tires and is not a four wheel drive, which meant that my normal 20 minute drive to the stables took twice as long because I didn't want to die. Luckily the snow only stayed for two days, and now we're back to the normal sunshine/rain/gale force winds that I have started to appreciate.
Beautiful pony in his new bridle, thank you mummy

Super speedy pony nearly managed to throw me off on our first ride when some snow fell off the roof right above us. Massive points to the WOW saddle for helping me stay on a horse that zooming around the indoor, despite the fact it was only my third time riding with it. And although I was a bit annoyed with Vallu's speeding off, the moment I stared losing my balance and feeling a bit worried, he stopped! Good pony.
And the first two rides of the new year have been fantastic. If the rest of the year goes like this mornings ride, 2015 will be AMAZING. Working on a lot of transitions, and some flying changes and eventually my hyper active, and thoroughly well rested horse was back to normal. And by the end the week it's seems like I've even been forgiven for disappearing for ten days. Now just to get ready for our AF lesson and to also start getting back into hacking out, we haven't done that for ages.

Hope everyone is well, had a lovely Christmas and New Years and all ponies/horses are ready for another year :)

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