Looking back at 2014

These are some of my favourite moments of this year, that made me laugh. Our year did not go as planned, but still I am more than happy with where are right now. We might not be competing and winning like planned ;) but I do have a happy and healthy horse, and what more could you really ask for?!

January - riding took a bit of a hit whilst I knuckled down to revise for my January exams. This video makes my heart melt a little every time I see it, he is just too funny!
February - trying to cope with the crappy weather and having to ride outdoors a lot. We started getting quite good in the little outdoor, but struggled in the big outdoor. 
March - a big month for us, first solo hack ever and then both of us having to leave back to Finland, and me losing all of my plans for the summer.
April - after settling back into normal crazy horses at home family life, the highlight of the month was going for a proper hack with Nelli and Basse.
May - proper spring finally arrived in Finland. Loving life, everything was so pretty.
June - whilst Vallu was constantly struggling with both his hind legs randomly swelling up for the entirety of this month, I was able to carry on riding with Basse. 
Points to daddy for awesome photography skills
July - a busy month with lots of things happening and lots of photos :) My favourite riding photos with Vallu thanks to Ritva Waris Worlin. A first competition practise with Vallu, where we got 63% in a medium test. Rosi also arrived into our family ♥︎

August - Vallu learnt the magic of self lunging, and ended up being super for the entire month. I felt like we progressed a lot during these four weeks. Riding indoors or outdoors didn't bother us at all, and we even got quite good at hacking in the woods.

September - driving back to the UK, and a massive month of just hacking out at home, in Germany and back in Nottingham, something to counteract the stress of moving back to England. It felt like I'd faced my big hacking out fears by cantering in the fields in Germany and hacking along the bridle path in Nottingham. A very powerful personal victory for me.

October -  first AF lesson since coming back and it was amazing, got a proper kick up the bum for the entirety of October :D
November certainly wasn't our best month, Vallu struggled with a poorly/tight back and it felt like we hit rock bottom. Slowly but surely we improved throughout the month :)

December - the month where everything started coming back together, and we eventually got our new saddle. Also attended the FFM Xmas party and amazingly didn't buy anything. Spent 10 days relaxing at home in Finland.

This is my 300th post, what a nice way to end a hectic 2014. Who knows what 2015 has in store for us, but please dear God let me do even just one competition with Vallu. And fingers crossed for another wonderful year with a healthy horse ♥︎

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