FFM Christmas Party goodies

Having missed this last year due to being at home that weekend, I've been looking forward to this event for ages. It was like dying and waking up in heaven because there were so many amazing things I wanted (or hell cos I don't have money to buy anything) I'm not even joking when I say that my eyes have never ever seen so much stuff all at the same time that I wanted.

Fur Feather Meds is at the top of my go to equestrian businesses. Lili is so friendly and helpful, and always looks to find the best products to sell. It's all stunning and such good quality. If anyone needs to buy a horsey friend/relative a Christmas present, here are photos of some of the products she has for sale (and more on the website)

Eskadron pretties from shimmer nougat, capri, ice, white to deep pink
Eskadron AW14 Next Generation colours deep pink and navy

Eskadron AW14 Next Generation colours: grey and lime

Eskadron Platinum sequin and crystal bandages

BR Organza set in pink
BR Pro Max boots in brown lacquer and overreach boots


BR glitter overreach boots

HKM Atlantis saddle pad detailing

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