When ill

It is the last week of university for this semester and boy am I feeling it... My last essay was done on Monday night, due in for Tuesday and when I woke up on Tuesday I had gotten my flu/cough (which has happened after every single semester since secondary school) So what to do when ill? Well trot pole work and lunging in gale force winds of course :D
Not bored at all eh?
 I was going to do a long training post re: pole work, but that requires effort that my body just doest have at the moment. On Tuesday I fell asleep at 5pm only to wake up at 10am on Wednesday totally confused. My body needed 17 hours of sleep and I feel only marginally better now. But riding over poles was actually fun :D We both seem to have started to actually enjoy this type of work in recent times, so we'll now be doing this a lot more often. I can feel whilst riding him how beneficial it is to him; he has to pick up his hind legs and stretch over his back, and afterwards when untacking he looks rather tired ♥︎
So much to look at
The colours ♥︎
Still not feeling up to riding properly on Wednesday, I decided to lunge (this was a very good call) It was so worth it, and the fact that Vallu has to cope with being in the scary outdoor arena makes all his spooking/jumping so much easier to deal with. We've been lunging outdoors for a good month now, and he is starting to be so much more confident in it which in turn is making me feel a lot better and able to get rid of any underlying issues that I have with the outdoor arena. Even today with the near dangerous gale force winds that were causing the gates and doors to bang and jumps and chairs to fall over, Vallu was very brave/ Any time anything made a noise he just jumped in the air, but we didn't have any of the temper tantrums and buggering off with me that we've had the previous times. 

I've been very proud of this horse recently, it feels like all of the bad times, tears and blood seems to be history *FINGERS CROSSED*

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